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We start each project by carefully selecting the highest quality raw lumber available. The quality of the wood used not only affects the way that your piece looks (grain quality, knots, warps, etc.), it also greatly affects the longevity of the finished piece.

Cheap, low quality lumber is just not suitable for making a piece of fine furniture that will stand the test of time. We want to give you the best quality piece of furniture we possibly can, so that you will be able to pass your furniture down to generations to come.

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Solid Wood Veneer

The backdrop of your headboard is veneered with a beautiful "bookmatched" sheet of solid curly maple wood. This means that the rippling, wavy grain of your headboard mirrors itself along its horizontal center. This is quite a lovely effect.

We achieve this by starting first with a thick piece of curly maple half the size of your headboard, and slice the thickness of this piece in half. These half-pieces share the same grain pattern, so when we connect them they nicely mirror one another.

We then fuse our veneer to a panel of high-grade europly to maximize the durability and lifetime of this lovely, lively wood. High-grade europly is a very strong, top-quality wood that is used to give strength to your headboard and to protect the veneer from any type of warping or changing.


maximum Mattress Support

Many mattresses have specific requirements for how they're supported, and we make sure that your bed frame is ready for it. Our design lays its many support slats close together.

We do this firstly to ensure that your mattress is strongly supported. Close-fitting slats means room for more slats, and thus more strength.

Secondly, we do this to ensure that your mattress is supported evenly along its whole length. Close-fitting slats do not allow for your mattress to droop or sag, improving the lifespan and comfortability of your mattress.

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Everlasting Hardware

So much care and effort is put into the creation of your bed that top-quality hardware is a must.

Painstaking hours and many test trials have landed us at a selection of hardware that makes it easy for you to attach the sideboards and ensures a rock-solid feel.

We're certain that once your bed is put together, it's not coming back apart until you’re ready to move it somewhere else.


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