customize our beds to be exactly what you need

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First things first, your bed needs to fit wherever it is that you want to put it. Secondly, it needs to fit your mattress. We’re happy to customize your bed to your exact specifications. Need your bed X inches wide, Y inches long and Z inches off the ground? Just let us know!

We can adjust the total height of the headboard, the distance from the headboard to the bed frame, the size of the gap between the bed frame and the headboard, whatever you need. The sky’s the limit, just let us know!

Color/design customization

Not only can we shape the bed to your needs, we’re also happy to change up the wood type. Want your whole bed to be made of maple or cherry or walnut or padauk or purple heart or anything in between? Just let us know.

We can change the wood used in the backdrop of your headboard, or the wood used in the “prairie” inlays. We can even change the design that’s inlaid in the backdrop to (probably) whatever you have in mind.

Want your bed frame to be black or white or anything in between? Just let us know and we’ll finish it however you’d like.

You’re working with a small shop now, and we want to give you the EXACT bed that you want. In case you haven’t realized it yet.. all you have to do is let us know what that is!

*Please note that due to varying material costs and shipping prices, the prices listed in the shop are subject to change based on customization requests.

custom pieces galore

Here’s some of our favorite custom pieces that we’ve put together for customers all over the country.


This steel & curly maple credenza was designed and built by request. We liked it so much, we now sell more just like it in our shop.


These “River Rushes” cabinets and side tables were made at a request to accompany our “River Rushes” bed frame and headboard.


The pine cone inlay was made by request to replace the reeds in our “River Rushes” beds, and the dresser was custom made to accompany the bed.


As you probably guessed, this table was designed and made at a customer’s request. We did our best to manifest the vision that they had, and we all certainly love how it came out.

If you’ve got a vision, we want to make it a reality.

Just let us know!